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Jun 4, 2016

Welcome to summer all! This 30 second byte is all about keeping you nice and hydrated all summer long. Here in the south I cannot walk to my car without breaking a sweat. Water intake is essential to good health.

Water maintains homeostasis in the body and helps transport nutrients to cells and removal and excretion of waste products.

Water makes up more than 1/2 your body weight and you cannot live more than a few days without it.

An average healthy adult needs 30-35 ml/kg of body weight

Example: An adult weighs 165 lbs (165 / 2.2 = 75 kg)

75 x 30 = 2250 ml of fluid per day (or a little over 9 cups per day)

75 x 35 = 2625 ml of fluid per day (or about 11 cups per day)

Note 1 cup = 8 oz

What are the best hydrating fluids?

  • Water! Add lemon or any other fruit that adds flavor.
  • Decaf Tea or Coffee that is unsweetened (artificial sweeteners are ok).
  • Fruits and vegetables also provide some fluid in your diet.

Seek advice from a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at