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Jun 1, 2017

Epi 46 Show Notes

I'm talking my pregnancy and gender reveal! Upcoming shows will cover my pregnancy story and pregnancy health. Follow the conversation on instagram and/or follow #DietitianCindy


Thanks for listening and please don't forget to

Dec 10, 2016


Did you know...Increasing water consumption could eliminate 68 to 205 calories per day. This could result in 7 to 21 lbs weight loss over one year. 

Water recommendations: Crank up your Metabolism with Food!


Plain Water Consumption in relation to energy intake & diet quality among US adults, 2005-2015

Jun 30, 2016


Boxing WaterWater is Winning!SodaSoda...Not so much...

Hydrate with water daily for overall good health. Replacing one 12 oz soda with water each day can cut close to 1300 calories a week. If you keep that up you will slowly see about a half a pound weight loss each week which is 26 pounds a year. That small reduction with weight...

Jun 4, 2016

Welcome to summer all! This 30 second byte is all about keeping you nice and hydrated all summer long. Here in the south I cannot walk to my car without breaking a sweat. Water intake is essential to good health.

Water maintains homeostasis in the body and helps transport nutrients to cells and removal and excretion of...

Feb 29, 2016

New research says uncontrolled blood pressure may lead to extreme health risks. Know your numbers! Research Study