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Mar 5, 2018

Make friends with all carbs but become besties with the nutrient-rich carbs below. 

Carbs=fuel (energy) We need a variety at each meal in smaller portions. It is recommended you eat a meal every 4-5 hours to replenish energy!

Whole grains (cereal, bread, pasta)

Beans and Legumes

Low-fat Milk

Whole Fresh...

Oct 31, 2016

Thank you all for listening. I hope you have a safe and happy halloween!


Sep 21, 2016

Family Meal Time



Blog Post: Are People Who Eat at the Table Healthier?



Sep 7, 2016

Disclosure: I did not receive monetary compensation for product promotion. I did receive a free sample but, again, was not compensate to write this post or plug in my podcast. Thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

IBS sucks...end of story but there's hope. A registered dietitian nutritionist can help. To find one...

Aug 12, 2016



Teaching Kids to Cook 

Toddlers in the Kitchen

Teach your kids to cook with this online training course. Kids Cook Real Food worksheet 

Knife Skills for adults

Essential Cooking Tools...